Negar Hak, a new window to the prepress industry
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Company: Industrial st. / SeromDaro Road / Tabriz / Iran
Tehran Office: unit 22 / Armita Building / Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard / Tehran / Iran



Negar Hak, at the peak of readiness
Negar Hak, at the peak of readiness
Providing your pre-press demands
Providing your pre-press demands
A reliable companion
A reliable companion
Fulfilling your demands is our top priority
Fulfilling your demands is our top priority

Raw cylinder

Raw cylinders are hollow and seamless steels in different sizes, which get prepared in different steps such as: lathing and balancing, assembling the cylinders with shaft (or not), grooving, rotation and grinding.

Engraved cylinder

Raw or steel cylinders, get copper plated during various plating operations, and after going through polishing and finishing operations, the desired printing images are engraved on the surface of the cylinders. After the engraving operation, the cylinders get metal hardened and chrome plated. Now the engraved cylinder is ready to be printed on various substrates.

Gelatinous plates

Gelatinous plates are photopolymermaterialswhich transform to polymers once they are exposed to UV lights(Short and determined wavelength). And after being exposed, passing through the next processes (washing, drying, and finishing lights), only the printable and relief parts on the plate will remain.
Why us?

Just like a biologic clock which helps human’s body to set and function in balance, in the field of technology, it seems to be just like this biologic clock, which connects all the different science and technologies and make a balance among all. In the past years, and in coordination with other industrial subjects, there has been vast changes in the press industry, and many new and advanced equipment and machines have been invented in these years in the world. Iran is also one of the countries that enjoyed taking advantage of these equipment and technologies.

On the hand, it seems in the recent decades, the Rotogravure and the Flexography industries owe their progress to the astonishing developments in the pre-press industry. So, existing a company that could associate directly with printing houses and be able promote its full-scale capabilities and also be responsive to the needs of its customers in highly essential.

The “Negar Hak” company, with almost 3 decades of experience, and with its expert personnel, and by utilizing advanced machines and technologies, is still shining at the peak of the pre-press industry of Iran.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2000
Sample lithograph of the country
Certificate of research and development

About us

The Negar Hak Company (Privet Stock), with the ID number of 10200258791 and register number of 20305 established in Tabriz – IRAN. This company is currently involved in manufacturing rotogravure cylinders, flexography plate making, exporting produced materials, importing machineries and raw and needed materials, research and development in the cylinder and flexography plate manufacturing fields, and holding training courses. The company’s registration place has been moved to Bostan Abaad city and its new registration number is 947.