Negar Hak, a new window to the prepress industry
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Company: Industrial st. / SeromDaro Road / Tabriz / Iran
Tehran Office: unit 22 / Armita Building / Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard / Tehran / Iran




Company’s History

Running a prepress workshop named Negar in Tabriz in 1992, was the beginning of a path which led it to the company (Negar Hak), that we have today. With the treasure of love and hope to a brighter future, this small workshop started to expand rapidly, and by being equipped with the advanced facilities (Image Setter), in 1998, became the most equipped lithography center in the north-west of Iran. Attending at the international affairs and getting familiar with the world’s most advanced technologies in the prepress industry was a new opportunity to make new decisions to establish the first platemaking center in the country, and in the following, install and running the first “offsetplate setter” and the first “flexographyplate setter” in Iran in 2004. Receiving the country’s best lithograph award and receiving the international quality management certificate, are other achievements occurred in 2007.

The next big step was establishing the “Negar Hak” company and operating “rotogravure printing” unit in 6000m2 with the most sophisticated facilities. This was a turning point took place in 2006 and now it has been almost 10 years since this company is on the process of completion and development.

In 2019, and in the means of renovation and development of the company, two “image setter” machines were installed and operated. Along with this, a new plate making line joined to the plate making process as well. This big step was a new chapter in the life of the company, and the reason to still shine and be the best and number one prepress company in the country.

Managing director’s prologue

Building a better and brighter future demands hard work and change. An aimed and targeted change. For such features, we must rely on science and knowledge. To lead the Negar Hak company, 2 important factors have always been paid attention the most:

In order to be globalized, following the path of new technologies, obtaining new knowledge, associating with world class companies, attending at international affairs, contacting with science and research centers in the world, and taking advantage of their experiences are highly important and essential.

Customers’ demands and orders are the most important and priority in our job. Therefore, making the closest connection with the customers and keeping the them satisfied are highly important to us.

Managing Director

Five-year strategy and mission of the Negar Hak company has been written according to the perspective document of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2024.

achieving the first place of cylinder and plate making in Iran.

Achieving and acceptable place of cylinder and plate making in the world until 2024.

By the help of God, and relying on our efficient, expert and responsible staff, we consider it as our duty to get our customer’s satisfaction and attention, and by observing ethic fundamentals and spiritual values, help our country to produce internal productions, and by promoting and coordinating the company’s all activities, seek to expand internal market and get a portion of international markets.

About us

The Negar Hak Company (Privet Stock), with the ID number of 10200258791 and register number of 20305 established in Tabriz – IRAN. This company is currently involved in manufacturing rotogravure cylinders, flexography plate making, exporting produced materials, importing machineries and raw and needed materials, research and development in the cylinder and flexography plate manufacturing fields, and holding training courses. The company’s registration place has been moved to Bostan Abaad city and its new registration number is 947.

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